20 Social Influencers who has the Power to Change the World

Since it was founded in 2005, YouTube has continued to draw in a ton of interest from people all over the world. Almost anything goes on YouTube – from getting your ex back to videos on how to break up to begin with. There are almost 1.8 billion users logging onto YouTube every month, making it the most popular video streaming platform. Through the site, “YouTubers” have gained worldwide success; some by doing seemingly random things, but they always leave a mark in the media and in our hearts. Here are 20 of the most influential YouTubers in the world.

1. NigaHiga


Ryan Higa, who goes by the monicker NigaHiga, was a YouTube star during the platform’s early years. Mr. Higa’s channel includes comedy sketches, music videos, on commentary on the current pop culture scene. It’s a happy surprise to see a young YouTuber hold out for so long when so many others get washed away in the sea of new YouTubers and fresh content.